“We are all tied to and come from the ocean.” Chairperson Fawn Murphy, Resighini Rancheria

Tribal Marine Stewards Network (TMSN) assembled at the IMPAC5 conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, where representatives from 120 nations converged with a united goal of preserving Indigenous marine life. The conference welcomed all of TMSN’s current tribal partners, who departed feeling invigorated by the impressive work being done worldwide. The TMSN team utilized the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and establish meaningful connections that will contribute to an even more successful future.

We extend our gratitude to the FIRST Nations of British Columbia for their unwavering dedication to organizing and hosting this pivotal conference. TMSN was privileged to participate in the Indigenous caucus and banquet, where the commendable efforts of Indigenous stewards were celebrated. Working with other caucus members, TMSN diligently focused on drafting recommendations to present in the leadership forum.

Watch the IMPAC5 Closing Ceremony