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Please join us in celebrating the new Tribal Marine Stewards Network! Pick and choose from any of the posts below, and customize them to share on your own channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Remember to customize your message. Customization is important because Twitter suppresses (shows to fewer followers) identical posts called “copypasta.”

Timeframe What Message/link
Evergreen Video clip The @TolowaDeeni “have been stewards of the sea & the #ocean and everything in it from time immemorial & they have an inherent right to protect what’s there”-Rosa Laucci

CA’s new #TribalMarineStewards Network will build on traditional fishing practices 🐟 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hs3zZde5jg&t=268s

Evergreen Video clip Leader of CA’s new Tribal Marine Stewards Network and @TolowaDeeni Nation, Jaytuck Steinruck says the #ocean & resources like surf smelt🐟“makes us who we are… traditional knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.”

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hs3zZde5jg&t=268s

Evergreen Video clip Kashia Band Pomo Indians—1/5 of CA’s new Tribal Marine Stewards Network!—elder Hannah Banuelos: “We come to the beach here, to gather our food…There’s so many things out there in the ocean that you can learn, and that you can receive spiritually.” 🌊📹


Evergreen (too long for Twitter) Video clip DYK there is a new Tribal Marine Stewards Network reclaiming ancestral coastal land in California? 1of the 5 Tribes is the Kashia Band Pomo Indians, in northern Sonoma County.

Hear from leader Nina Hapner in this video: “we’re interested with restoration of the kelp, we’re concerned with the overpopulation of purple sea urchin… in Tribal traditions, there’s something that you’re teaching your children, about when you collect, why you collect, what do you give back, what’s your reciprocity.”


Evergreen Video clip Watch video of new Tribal Marine Stewards Network leader Nina Hapner, on Kashia #Pomo coastal reserve: “The coastal tribes have kept that information and that story alive within their families & their communities, and they were just waiting to come out.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcUEUPfkONw
Evergreen Video clip @TolowaDeeni Nation — 1/5 of CA’s new Tribal Marine Stewards Network! — leader Jaytuck Steinruck: “We were taught that the #ocean and the river is your supermarket… so we were taught to preserve those resources.” 🌊📹