Governor Newsom Acknowledges and Celebrates Partnership with TMSN

Intertidal habitat at Taa-ghii~-‘a~

TMSN has taken a key leadership role in promoting indigenous stewardship of coastal ecosystems in California, recognizing the vital role of traditional knowledge and practices in protecting and managing these resources sustainably. TMSN’s network of Tribal Nations is vital to the stewardship, protection, and restoration of ocean and coastal resources within our ancestral territories within the State of California.

TMSN’s partnership with the State of California has been instrumental in advancing efforts to promote durable conservation, protect marine biodiversity, and ensuring that Tribal science and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) is leveraged to drive decision-making that directly impacts coastal communities.  TMSN’s leadership in indigenous stewardship and partnership with the state is an example of how Tribal Nations can work collaboratively with state governments to promote Tribal management of coastal resources to support the well-being of coastal communities and ancestral oceans and lands.

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