Empowering Tribal Stewardship: The TMSN’s Role in Achieving California’s 30×30 Conservation Goal

The “Pathways to 30×30” initiative is a visionary project undertaken by the state of California, with a mission to conserve 30% of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030. This ambitious initiative aims to confront the biodiversity crisis, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and foster healthier ecosystems. By blending science-based conservation with innovative policies and community involvement, the initiative represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and resilient California.

One notable example of the initiative’s success is the partnership and work with the Tribal Marine Stewards Network (TMSN). We publicly launched the TMSN with the support of a $3.6 million investment from the Ocean Protection Council (OPC) in September of 2022. The network represents a significant step in returning the stewardship and management of ocean and coastal territories to California’s Native American tribes. This significant achievement was highlighted on NPR’s All Things Considered in October of 2022.

Please refer to Pathways to 30×30 California Annual Progress Report for more details.